Do I need a GSA Contract?

One of best tools for growing your marketshare is by obtaining a GSA contract.  Virtually any business or educational institution can receive a GSA contract, allowing the contract holder to sell services or products to government agencies.  Because a GSA contract includes established pricing and contract terms, government agencies purchase goods and services from GSA schedule holders without issuing individual RFP opportunities.  

If you have a GSA contract, any government agency can purchase from your company. According to the GSA, the benefits of having a GSA contract include a simplified sales process, access to all federal agencies, and a smaller pool of competitors. GSA contracts are also known as GSA Schedules or GSA Federal Supply Schedules.  

Contact BlueOpps to find out if obtaining a GSA contract makes sense for your company. BlueOpps can assist in preparing your GSA proposal, saving you valuable time and increasing the likelihood of contract award.