Digital Marketing for Engineers and Scientists

Over the years I’ve enjoyed strategizing with engineers and environmental scientists throughout the country, creating marketing and business development plans. Because of their academic and professional training, scientists and engineers look at marketing differently than most professions.  They typically understate their capabilities and expertise, which is a noble trait, except when it comes to trying to grow your business in an increasingly digitized world. 

Before the digital world, science and engineering firms simply created a brochure, attended conferences, met with a few clients and prospects, bid on some contracts, and could reasonably expect to grow their business. That’s all changed.  

Today's fastest growing environmental science and engineering firms are capitalizing on the digital marketing environment.  These firms create and maintain interactive content-driven web sites, manage engaging social media channels, share video content of their firm’s expertise to educate and inform, and connect with their clients and prospective clients digitally. These growing firms understand the value digital marketing and capture management brings to their business.  They understand the value because they see the impact a digital marketing program has on business growth. These growing firms are effective at telling their story.

The firms that are having a tough time in this digital marketing environment are those that have not yet fully embraced the digital communication tools available. Take a quick look around the web at your competitors’ digital presence.  Now look at yours.  That's what prospective clients see when searching for a new firm. That’s what your existing clients see when comparing you to your competitors. 

If your digital presence is not current or relevant, it reflects unfavorably on your business. Your digital presence is a significant part of your brand and must be maintained and updated to stay relevant.  How well do you tell your story? If the answer is not very well, it’s time to make a change and start.